We are now looking to partner up with manufacturers/distributors for production.

  • We have manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China
  • We are also interested in licensing agreements with existing companies

The benefits for potential licensees are:

  • Rights to use Chestnut Trailer UK Patent Application No: 2112 794.9
  • Right to use the Chestnut Registered Design rights
  • Unique crash-testing protocols developed in-house by our team, testing undertaken at Cranfield Impact Centre, UK. Areas include:
    • o ISOFIX testing standards
    • Dynamic sled-testingo
    • Crush-tests
    • Full disclosure of all other safety standard considerations that we have worked on, including types of anthropomorphic test device (ATD) to use, speed and direction of impacts etc
  • Significant time-to-market savings, with three years’ worth of prototyping and testing, already undertaken
  • Full access to further manufacturing and design details not shown on the website
  • Included assistance and guidance going forward, when requested/needed
  • Cost of licensing likely significantly lower than starting from blank sheet as well as very significant time savings
  • We are looking for three licensing deals with three separate companies. Each will be staggered by six months to give an advantage to the earliest licensees, for further details please contact us.

If you are an existing company within the bicycle sector or would like to enter the sector and have significant applicable experience in other manufactured goods, please contact us to discuss possible licensing/us-to-manufacture options.



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