Crispin Sinclair, the inventor of the Chestnut Trailer is himself the son of Sir Clive Sinclair, a famous British inventor, best known for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer as well as the digital watch and pocket calculator and pocket TV - among quite a few other inventions.

Here are a few images of Sir Clive’s inventions, kindly supplied by Krystian Wlosek. The images were themselves created on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, of course.



Crispin Sinclair himself previously invented the ‘Babel Bike’.

The Babel Bike, named after a fish, was intended to be a safer bicycle. Whilst the concept was good – and which went on to form the foundations for the Chestnut Trailer – the Babel Bike itself remained only a concept.



Bringing unprecedented child safety to the cycling world. 


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