The Conker Box is now in production and available from September 24th 2022.

There is a production time of 4 weeks, after which it is currently only available for collection from our premises in Coton, near Cambridge, CB23 7PX.

To purchase please use the form on this page to begin the process. We will get in touch with you about your order, taking your contact and deposit information. For any further details please phone +447870536958.

We are a newly starting company launching our first product, with more planned on the way. This payment method is temporary for the initial sales of the Conker Box, whilst we establish a permanent method.

The retail price for the Conker Box is £1,499 inc VAT but is subject to change and will only become fixed before the initial deposit is charged.

If you do not own a Bakfiets bike, you can order one from the School-run Centre in Cambridge separately. We will fit the Conker Box to your Bakfiets bike for you once you come to collect it.

Please Note:                                                                                                                                                                All aspects of all designs shown on this website, including pricing, are subject to change at any time and without further notice and none form any part of any contract or obligation. By placing your details on any list created by us you are not obliged to continue with any purchase and we are not obliged to supply any goods. All trademarks are owned by their respective companies. Conker of Cambridge has no affiliation with Bakfiet Bikes, the School Run Centre, or any other company, and is not profiting from any recommendations or sales. Babel Bikes Limited is trading as Conker of Cambridge.



    Bringing unprecedented child safety to the cycling world. 


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