We are a small company based in Cambridge, England working to improve bicycle safety for children. We want to create a sea-change in bicycle safety, by designing the first range of transportation that helps protect your most precious cargo.

Roll-cages, ISOFIX and child seats have been standard in the car industry for many decades, we believe it is time they were available for children on bicycles.

The Chestnut will, we hope, encourage many more parents to use their bicycles on a daily basis safe in the knowledge that their child is well protected on their journey to school and elsewhere


Before Chestnut, parents must choose between protecting their child and protecting the environment, but both of these are essential. 

Chestnut is built to provide peace of mind to parents who want to do the right thing for the environment and their children. It is, we believe, a huge step forward - the start, we hope, of a movement towards greater child safety in the cycling world.


The main body of the Chestnut is an aluminium roll cage

This ensures that the child is better protected in the event of an accident.

The roll cage is being tested at Cranfield Impact Centre, UK


The Chestnut includes ISOFIX points. This makes the Chestnut able to take car seats from six monnths to six years old and allows the use of four separate seats, namely: 

- the Cuggle Partidge for group 1 children (9kg to 18kg, approximately 9 months to four years)

- Joie Bold for children 9kg to 25kg (approximately 9 months to six years)

- Maxi-Cosi Axiss Fix from 0kg to 19kg (from birth to four years)

- Maxi-Cosi Axiss from four months to four years

ISOFIX will hold the seat securely in place in the event of an accident and the ISOFIX points are tested to the ISOFIX standard

The addition of a car seat can provide considerable safety benefits on a bicycle, including side impact protection with cushioning for shock absorption, and head, neck and back support for the child (level of protection varies depending on the specific seat chosen and the level of protection offered by such seats may vary from the level of protection that the same seat would offer when connected in a motor vehicle).



The frame is made of welded aluminium, very strong and light and readily recyclable.

The Chestnut is designed to fit the lonng-wheelbase Bakfiets bike without adaptation, even the original rain cover from the Bakfiets can be transferred directly over

Note: We are not connected with Bakfiets NL and do not represent them. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.


“Parents are making an ethical decision when they choose to transport their child in a bike trailer, and the least we can do is keep their child safe.”


Conker of Cambridge founder Crispin Sinclair is a keen cyclist and father of two young children, with a background in design and innovation.

His passion for cycling – from taking the children to school every day in the Chestnut (prototype) to spending three months riding solo across Europe - gives him a fantastic insight and the determination to demand a better future for his children.

When Crispin’s bike was crushed in a road accident, it sparked the beginning of the Conker of Cambridge journey, bringing innovations from the world of car safety to the bicycle world.



Bringing unprecedented safety to the cycling world. 


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